25% LESS

than your current ticketing software!
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To help theatres recover from the pandemic, Theatrisoft will donate our processing fees generated by participating theatres for 6 months after the restart of the theatres season. 


This offer will only apply to theatres who sign up during the worldwide pandemic shutdown. 

For more information schedule a demo or call 808-351-8081. 

No Setup Fees

Some softwares will charge you thousands of dollars to spin up an account and create a seating chart. We think this is disgraceful. With Theatrisoft our help is always included.

Set Your Own Processing Fees

We pass a small processing fee onto the ticket purchaser. These fees can be absorbed by the Theatre if they so choose. You can also set the fees so you make money on them. It's all in your power.

Keep All Your Donations

There are no fees on donations. That's your money not ours.

No Need For A Payment Processor

Theatrisoft's payment processor is used for all transactions and sends payments to your bank account daily. No need for the hassle of managing a payment processor.

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